Privacy statement

Yes, we collect information about you. Just like any other organization.

What data do we collect? And for what?

In order to be able to work with or for you, we store data about you. 

Which? Well, at least your:

– First and last name

  • business phone number; fixed or mobile 
  • e-mail address

If we work together, we must be able to reach you. For example a question. 

And of course to send you what we have made for you. Without the information above, that becomes difficult. So we keep it.

We also collect information about you when you visit our website. Via Google Analytics we see which pages you visit, where you enter our site and which browser you use. We only anonymize your IP address. So we don’t know who “you” are. With this information we improve our website and content, so that you can find what you are looking for more easily.

And how long do we keep your data?

If we work with you, we will keep your data for as long as that cooperation lasts. And the anonymous browsing data? We keep them for 24 months, after which they automatically go into the trash. We are committed to preventing misuse, loss, unauthorized access and unwanted disclosure.

If you feel that your data is not properly secured, please contact

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